Village Community

In the heart of Thorncombe village, we are fortunate for the support of our local community to enrich our children's learning experiences and spiritual development.

Local farmers sometimes come to school with their animals; and class trips to the Arla organic dairy farm on the Sadborow Estate are always a hit. The Thorncombe Village Trust helps us to promote an understanding of local history and to build environmental awareness both locally and globally. Use of the adjacent Thorncombe Community Swimming Pool in the summer gives all our children the opportunity to build their confidence in water; and school running events can be extended into the village playground and countryside beyond. The Village Hall further supports our Active Thorncombe strategy in the holidays by organising, promoting and hosting activities delivered by Dorset's Action Van. 

The Open Book team from St Mary's Church join us regularly; local First Responders help children develop life skills; and other community members drop by from time to time to share diverse insights into the wider world.